MolBridge from Moltech Norge is our solution for an easy control of monitor, trackball and keyboard, also known as a KVM-Matrix.

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Easy installation

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Molbridge is scalable and can adapt to the customers need with regards to the amount of inputs and outputs that is needed. One network cable connects from matrix to PC and one from matrix to monitor. There is no need for an additional power cable, this makes the installation quick and easy when retrofitting.

Keeping costs down

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The KVM matrix switch is a regular managed switch, this keeps the cost down and giving the posibility for future expansion of the system. This makes MolBridge a good KVM-solution regardless the size or age of the vessel.

Simple controls

MolBridge makes it ease to change monitor view and setup by simple commands on the touch screen.

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When a suitable setup of the monitors has been made, the user can save the settings as a favorite monitor setup to quickly apply the same settings later. The system allows up to 4 individual users to save 4 different favorite setups


Adjust brightness 

Another function that MolBridge supports is the brilliance control of monitors. With simple controls the user can adjust the brightness with variable steps, or preset modes from the bridge chair.* 
*Monitors must support external control of brilliance.


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