We were onboard MS M.Ytterstad to upgrade the high frequency sonar from a KCH-3180 to SCS-18H. An upgrade like this involves changing the transducer, oil, gaskets and processor. This can be done in a dry dock or at quay with a diver and hatch, if there is enough space to hoist the sonar inside the vessel.

Sonic SCS-18H is especially recognized by our customers as the "mackerel sonar", which even under difficult sonar conditions has saved the mackerel season year after year. In addition to mackerel, it is also very suitable for saithe fishing in shallow water, and as a casting sonar during all kinds of fishing. SCS-18H also excels for scattered fish, such as mackerel, horse mackerel, capelin, sandeel etc.

We wish the vessel and its crew the best of luck!