• Dual frequencies 50kHz / 200kHz
  • Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™) Optimising signal noise ratio and echo presentation in both shallow and deep waters
  • 600W and 1kW output power on both frequencies
  • Automatic functions make operation simple
  • VGA-output for external monitor
  • Sona-Tone™ indentifies fish and fish school with sound to notify the user
  • Delivered without transducer
Product nr: KOCVS128

Power supply: 10.8 - 31.2 VDC
Power consumption: ≤ 25W (12VDC)

Price NOK
15,876,- ex VAT
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Koden CVS-128 is the optimum fish finding echo sounder for a professional result to an affordable price. A high performance 8.4" color display provides a clear echo image with 64 different levels of color.

The display of the CVS-128 has an anti-reflection film that ensures good visibility even in difficult lighting conditions, and prevents condensation. The compact design allows the CVS-128 to be mounted anywhere. Thanks to the KDF™, the CVS-128 is much more powerful than a similar sonar with 600W / 1kW output power. The filter optimizes signal-noise ratio and echo presentation in both shallow and deep water, and provides a much more defined bottom. Koden echo sounders comes with a superior auto function for adjusting gain, depth and shift to ensures the best settings at all times, regardless of depth and conditions. CVS-128 can also be connected to an external monitor 

With Koden Sona-Tone™ you can identify what is below the boat with different sounds for fish and schools of fish. This lets you know what is happening at all time, without the need of checking the display. To use SonaTone™ you must connect an active speaker to the AUX contact on the CVS-display cable.


Package includes:

  • CVS-128 8,4" Display
  • CW-264A-2M (Power cable)
  • Operator manual
  • Installation materials
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