• 130 - 210 kHz adjustable frequency
  • "KDP-V" ensures a clear, high-resolution image
  • Compact and powerful with 1.5kW transmitter power
  • Possibility to save up to 6 different favorite layouts
  • Delivers with 20m cable between processor and bottom equipment
  • Fast scanning speed
Product nr: KOKDS8000

Power supply: 21.6 - 31.2VDC
Power consumption:
Processor: ≤ 80W (24VDC)
Bottom equipment / Hoist: ≤ 450W (24VDC)

Price NOK
193,284,- ex VAT
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KDS-8000BB the top model of sonar from Koden. KDS-8000 has adjustable frequency between 130 - 210 kHz, frequency adjustment down to 0,1kHz, and transmitter power on 1,5kW. Koden's digital filter, KDP V (Koden Digital Processing series V), ensures good resolution and filters out noise. This is a compact model, which is easy to mount even where there is little space for mounting.

KDS-8000BB has 5 different modes:

  • Sonar
    Normal sonar operation
  • Off-Center
    Takes the sonar out of the centered image to be able to see further ahead
  • Bottom Scan
    (Requires external course signal)
    Scanning of the seabed in different directions
  • Echo Sounder
  • Dual Sonar
    Presents two different frequencies in the same image

Includes in the package:

  • DPU-810 (Processor)
  • DOU-820 (Operator panel)
  • DHU-8303 (Transceiver)
  • DHU-8301 (Bottom equipment)
  • DHU-8302 (130 - 210kHz transducer)
  • Installation materials for processor
  • Installation materials for bottom equipment
  • CW-259-2M (Connecting cable processor)
  • Operator manual
  • Installation manual
  • Quick manual

KOCW3765M 6-Pin 5m NMEA cable to Koden products
743,- ex VAT
KOCW57605M Cabel for connecting of external display (VGA)
1,317,- ex VAT
KOEFS1703X 17", 4:3 monitor with VGA/DVI and bracket
16,355,- ex VAT