Koden KSD

  • 10.1" or 21.5" touchscreen
  • Flexible system that can be expanded
  • Possible connections to echo sounder, radar, GPS, etc.
  • Supports C-Map-charts
  • Integrated AIS class B and Wifi
Product nr: KodenKSD

Power supply: 10 - 36 VDC
Power consumption:
KSD-1100: ≤ 15W (24VDC)
KSD-1210: ≤ 30W (24VDC)

Price NOK from
16,142,- ex VAT
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Koden KSD is a multifunction touch screen in various sizes that is delivered standard with integrated AIS and Wifi / network. The system may be used as chart plotter, echo sounder, radar, gps and more by switching between the applications in the menu. Supports standards such as network, USB, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, as well as NMEA0183.

Koden KSD has a large storage capacity and are able to store up to 1.6 million trackpoints, 100,000 waypoints, 150,000 marks and 10 MOB marks.

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KOKSD1100 10.1" Multi-function Intelligent touch-display
16,142,- ex VAT
KOKSD1210 21.5" Multi-function Intelligent touch-display
28,674,- ex VAT
MDS-1100R Convert Koden radar to a network radar
40,760,- ex VAT