• Patented technology for accurate calculation of fish size and biomass
  • Calibration menu to be used as a scientific echo sounder for marine research
  • OLEX integration for bottom hardness
  • "Split-beam" with combinations of 38kHz, 70kHz and 120kHz
  • 3kW (38kHz / 70kHz), 1,5kW (120kHz) transmitter power
  • Menus with multiple language
Product nr: SOKSE310

Power supply: 230 VAC
Power consumption: 250W

Price on request
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Sonic KSE-310 is one of the market's most reliable fishing sonar, both in terms of fish size and bottom hardness! 

Technical information
KSE-310 splitbeam with 148 elements and reception in 15 separate, overlapping sectors (38 and 70kHz) contribute to a very precise indication of fish size and biomass. This patented technology and calibration capabilities also make the echosounder exceptionally good for use in marine research. Accurate calibration of the KSE-310 is done easily and automatically with a calibration ball. KSE-310, fish size and biomass can be displayed in 1 to 3 different windows and individually on 2 screens in HD. The frequency difference method compares 2 different frequencies and shows separated shoals of fishtype in a separate window. The fantastic resolution and good separating ability means that KSE-310 can show haddock feeding on the bottom, and separate different bottom types. Bottom hardness is displayed in a separate window and can be integrated with OLEX "HT - seafloor discrimination" installed. KSE-310 can present up to 5 different frequencies simultaneously. Split beam or single beam is available in optional combinations and frequencies.

Split beam: 38, 70 and 120 kHz.
Single beam: 15, 24, 50, 75 and 200 kHz.

The equipment delivered with KSE-310 has been tested and made in a service-friendly way. Quickly replaceable parts ensure lower maintenance costs, less repair time, and reduce the likelihood of damage, which in turn also increases life expectancy. The KSE-310 comes with a user-friendly and simple control panel for adjusting the Scale, Phase Shift and Gain as well as a rollerball to operate the menus. In addition, the panel has shortcuts for favorite layouts. The KSE-310 also has the option of connecting to extra roller ball(s), such as a Logitech wireless.

On KSE-310, history recordings can be stored automaticly and easily played back. This is a useful and easy tool when changing shifts to rewind recordings over several days. The recordings are stored as JPG files internally, or an optional USB memory stick or external hard drive. Recording of RAW files is also done with a single press and all information is stored on a USB disk or network disk so the data can be used for marine research and demonstration. 

If you have an older version of the Kaijo KSE-100/110 and KSE-200, these can be rebuilt to be upgraded to the KSE-310. A KSE-300 can be easily upgraded with new interface card and software.
Contact us for a non-binding offer on upgrading your echo sounder.

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SOKSE310-38 Powerful Splitbeam echo sounder on 38kHz
SOKSE310-70 Powerful Splitbeam echo sounder on 70kHz
SOKSE310-120 Powerful Splitbeam echo sounder on 120kHz
SOKSE310-38/70 Powerful Splitbeam echo sounder on 38kHz and 70kHz
SOKSE310-38/120 Powerful Splitbeam echo sounder on 38kHz and 120kHz
SOKSE310-70/120 Powerful Splitbeam echo sounder on 70kHz and 120kHz
SOKSE310-38/70/120 Powerful Splitbeam echo sounder on 38kHz, 70kHz and 120kHz
KD-PI5119229 Steel tank for the KSE-310 38kHz Transducer
32,060,- ex VAT
KD-PI5119220 Steel tank for the KSE-310 70kHz Transducer
25,100,- ex VAT
KD-PI5119236 Steel tank for the KSE-310 120kHz Transducer
8,945,- ex VAT
KDHGKSESPLIT 17mm Hull-gland for KSE-310
4,690,- ex VAT
KOKRD10 NMEA repeater with 4.3" color display
4,536,- ex VAT