MDC-7000P BB

  • IMO approved x-band radar
  • Top model black box radar series
  • 12kW or 25kW available models
  • Available with 4 or 6 ft antenna options
  • Integrated AIS and ARPA function
  • VGA-output and additional output for external monitor
  • Optional C-Map chart overlay
  • Delivered with 15m antenna cable
Product nr: MDC-7000P

Power supply: 21.6 - 41.6 VDC
Power consumption:
MDC-7012P: ≤ 150W
MDC-7025P: ≤ 200W 

Price NOK from
124,286,- ex VAT
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MDC-7000P is the most powerful x-band model from Koden that is a type-approved as both CAT1 and CAT2 x-band radar. MDC-7000P can be delivered with 2 different scanner units, 12kW / 25kW, and antennas of 4 or 6 ft. With IMO approval, you also have a performance monitor, which tests the radar and gives the user an indication of when there is a loss in performance. The compact processor makes the MDC-7000P easy to install in tight compartments. An analog monitor of choice can be connected to the processor.

The MDC-7000P series comes with an integrated AIS and ARPA function that can display up to 900 AIS targets and track up to 100 ARPA targets. Targets can be plotted automatically or manually. Automatic gain, STC and rain function makes operation easy and improves visibilty of echoes. The correlation image echo process makes small targets, as bouys and other small objects, visable even in rough sea. This is one of the feedbacks we have got from many of our customers. MDC-7000 also have the option to utilize C-map charts for chart overlay (C-Map charts are sold separately)

KOMDC7012P-4 MDC-7012P with 4ft 12kW open antenna
124,286,- ex VAT
KOMDC7012P-6 MDC-7012P with 6ft 12kW open antenna
127,121,- ex VAT
KOMDC7025P-4 MDC-7025P with 4ft 25kW open antenna
138,461,- ex VAT
KOMDC7025P-6 MDC-7025P with 6ft 25kW open antenna
141,296,- ex VAT
KOCW3765M 6-Pin 5m NMEA cable to Koden products
680,- ex VAT
KOCW3875M 8-Pin 5m NMEA cable to Koden products
907,- ex VAT
KO6PSOL 6-Pins connector plug for Koden products
150,- ex VAT
KO8PSOL 8-Pins connector plug for Koden products
250,- ex VAT
KOCW57605M Cabel for connecting of external display (VGA)
1,229,- ex VAT
KOCW561-10M 10m radar interswitch cable for Koden products
2,552,- ex VAT
KOCW561-30M 30m radar interswitch cabel for Koden products
4,347,- ex VAT
KOJB35 Junction box for additional NMEA - I/O
3,326,- ex VAT
KOCW845-XM 15 - 65m radar antenna cable for RB807/808/809
KOPS010 230VAC / 24VDC, 240W, PSU for Koden products
KOVLPSG001 Marine-approved PSU (230VAC - 24VDC)
EZFDS1904 19" marine-approved monitor
18,711,- ex VAT
EZFDU2603 25.5" marine-approved monitor
47,250,- ex VAT