• Compact X-band radar series with 8.4" display
  • Anti-Reflecting coating filter on LCD to increase visibility and prevent condensation
  • Easy operation of gain & STC with dedicated control knobs
  • VGA-output for external monitor
  • Dual range display - Present two different ranges simultaneously
  • Option for table- or console mount
  • AIS and target tracking available as option
  • Delivered with 10 or 15m antenna cable
Product nr: MDC-900A

Power supply: 10.8 - 31.2VDC
Power consumption:
MDC-904A: ≤ 55W (24VDC)
MDC-941A: ≤ 55W (24VDC)
MDC-940A: ≤ 70W (24VDC)

Price NOK from
35,721,- ex VAT
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The Koden MDC-900A series comes with a bright 8.4" display and can be delivered with 3 antenna models of different sizes. True trail function seperates stationary and moving objects by drawing trails, making it easy to distinguish moving from stationary objects.

Dual range display lets you a view split-screen display of both long and short-range targets simultaneously, giving the impression of having two radars in one.

Optional equipment
With a compass connected the "ATA" function can be utilized. This is a simplified version of the ARPA tracking that is found on the larger radar models. Connection to an AIS gives the possibility to present up to 100 AIS targets with name, course and speed for all vessels with an AIS installed. The MDC-900A series also has the option to connect an analog camera. With the split-screen the conneceted camera can be viewed, while the radar is being operated.

KOMDC904A MDC-904A with 1.2ft 4kW Radome
36,080,- ex VAT
KOMDC941A MDC-941A with 2ft 4kW Radome
36,779,- ex VAT
KOMDC940A-3 MDC-940A with 3ft 4kW open antenna
54,451,- ex VAT
KOMDC940A-4 MDC-940A with 4ft 4kW open antenna
56,152,- ex VAT
KOCW3765M 6-Pin 5m NMEA cable to Koden products
680,- ex VAT
KO6PSOL 6-Pins connector plug for Koden products
150,- ex VAT
KOCW57605M Cabel for connecting of external display (VGA)
1,229,- ex VAT
KOCW40503M 7 pin cable for connecting an analog camera
KOCW561-10M 10m radar interswitch cable for Koden products
2,552,- ex VAT
KOAIS110 AIS interface for MDC-900A and 2000A series
2,665,- ex VAT
KOMRE340 Automatic tracking of radar targets (simplified ARPA)
2,665,- ex VAT
KORB4KWR-XM 10 - 30m radar antenna cable for RB804/805
KORB4KW-XM 10 - 50m radar antenna cable for RB806