MDS-1104R - 4ft

  • Network transmission of radar data
  • Supports all types of Koden radars
  • Compact radar solution suitable for all types of vessels
  • Delivered with 15m antenna cable
Product nr: KOMDS1104R-4

Power supply: 21.6 - 41.6VDC
Power consumption: ≤ 70W

Price NOK
61,554,- ex VAT
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Koden MDS-11R is a compact radar processor that allows you to use an optional PC or network product to connect to the radars transceivers from Koden. All you need is a Koden radar scanner of choice, an MDS-11R and, for example, a laptop or touch screen with network support. Combine this with a GPS compass and you have a complete radar solution.

MDS-1100R Topo.jpg

Package includes:

  • MDS-11R (Processor)
  • Antenna cable (15m)
  • CW-259-2M (Power cable)
  • RB806 (4kW transceiver)
  • RW701A-04 (4 ft antenna)
  • Operator manual
  • Installation materials
ASOPTO4 NMEA galvanic OPTO-isolator for PC
1,010,- ex VAT
KORB4KW-XM 10 - 50m radar antenna cable for RB806
KodenKSD Multi-function Intelligent touch-display in different size
16,142,- ex VAT