MolBridge Video Matrix

  • Integrates computer-based systems on the bridge

  • Multiple operator stations

  • Adjust brightness of monitors

  • Ideal for retro-fit

  • Scalable

Price on request
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MolBridge from Moltech Norge is our solution for easy control of monitor, mouse and keyboard, also known as a KVM-matrix.

Many vessels have older matrix controllers, for example an 8x8 input/output matrix. That lets the user control 8 computers to display on 8 different monitors. A system like this does not let the user control each device from a common trackball/keyboard. This will require a lot of different trackballs and keyboards in the wheelhouse, and irritation for the user.

MolBridge replaces the old matrix with a touch-screen and an a common trackball/keyboard control, and lets the user remove all the different trackballs previously lying around on the bridge. 

The touch-screen is easy to operate and with simple commands the user selects what is displayed on the different monitors and what to control with the common trackball/keyboard.

This system gives the user a flexible and future-oriented bridge system, and can be retrofitted on older vessels without large costs. An upgrade of the old matrix system to a MolBridge Matrix can be done without exchanging the old monitors and equipment already mounted onboard. 

Molbridge is scalable with regards to amount of monitors, computers and operator stations, making MolBridge a good solution for all types of vessels, regardless of the size. 

Brightness control
Another function that MolBridge supports is the brilliance control of monitors. With simple controls the user can adjust the brightness with variable steps, or preset modes from the bridge chair.* 

MolBridge is not locked to any specific brands or makes, therefore the MolBridge Matrix can display and control any type of computer connected to the system. 

*Monitors must support external control of brilliance.

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Edna Synnøve
Svanaug Elise
Harald Johan