• High-frequency sonar (164kHz) 120°- 220° image sector, in all directions and 90° tilt
  • Ideal frequency for long range, good resolution and excellent location of mackerel and scattered fish, even in poor conditions
  • Symbol for purse seine and throwing function
  • Possibility of up to 30 marks, can be used for marking fish or areas, and VRM to indicate the distanse to the trawlopening.
  • Volume estimate of fishing shoals
  • Automatic tracking of up to 3 shoals at same time
  • Robust and solid bottom equipment that fits in 16 " tubes
  • Compact and user-friendly control panel
  • Menus with Norwegian language

Product nr: SOSCS18H

Power supply: 230 VAC 
Power consumption:
200W (Processor)
1500W (Transceiver) 
750W (Hoist) 3-phase

Price on request
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Formerly known as Kaijo high-frequency sonar (KCH-5180). Sonic SCS-18H is especially recognized by our customers as the "mackerel sonar", which even under difficult sonar conditions has saved the mackerel season year after year. In addition to mackerel, it is also very suitable for saithe fishing in shallow water, and as a casting sonar during all kinds of fishing. SCS-18H also excels for scattered fish, such as mackerel, horse mackerel, capelin, sandeel etc.

Technical information
The combination of the most powerful civilian sonar in the world (sound pressure of 230dB), the frequency of 164kHz, as well as the mechanical tilt and rotation means that the narrow beam is retained regardless of where you are looking, almost without side lobes. SCS-18H is one of our best-selling sonars, and not without reason, we have had good feedback and it has been delivered on over 150 vessels in Europe.

The range is around 600-900 meters for herring and mackerel. The SCS-18H can be tilted down to 90 ° downwards and has a beam width of 4°. The image sector can be set between 120 to 220 °. Superior filtering capability and fast high-resolution image updating make the SCS-18H the ultimate high-frequency fishing sonar. In addition to this, it has automatic target tracking of up to 3 different shoals of fish and automatic sweep search. The sonar has 30 different marks that can also be used for manual plotting to measure course and speed of fishing shoals. 

Transducer dome to SCS-18H is oil-filled and made of 10mm, very robust, vulcanized rubber. The bottom equipment fits in 16 " tubes and is solidly constructed, with a glider ring that supports the shaft against the sonar trunk in the hull. This prevents, in most cases, a bent shaft if you get a wire or rope around the shaft or transducer.  Replaceable parts ensure lower maintenance costs and shorter repair time. SCS-18H comes with a compact and user-friendly control panel with integrated roller ball. In addition, the panel has shortcuts for favorite layouts. The SCS-50 also has the ability to connect

additional USB devices, such as the Logitech Wireless Roller Ball

If you have an older version of Kaijo; KCH-1827, KCH-1828, KCH-2180, KCH-3180 and KCH-5180 can be  upgraded to SCS-18H.
Contact us for a no-obligation quote on upgrading your sonar.

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KDSCD427 Seachest for Sonic medium- and high-frequency sonars