• Affordable intermediate frequency sonar that fits in 12 "tubes
  • Good range, up to 1800m on herring
  • Compact with transmitter and receiver in the same unit
  • Netcast program for pursing with netmarks and netsize
  • Possibility of up to 30 marks, can be used for marking fish or areas, and VRM to indicate the distanse to the trawlopening.
  • Volume estimate of fishing shoals
  • Good noise filter ensures clear and clean sonar image
  • Transducer dome in stainless steel
  • Compact and user-friendly controller
  • Multi language menus

Product nr: SOSCS50

Power supply: 230VAC
Power consumption: 
200W (Processor)
3000W (Transmitter/Receiver)
750W (Hoist) 3-phase

Price on request
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Formerly known as Kaijo Sonic KCS-5500. SCS-50 is an affordable and very good intermediate frequency sonar without stabilization.

Technical information
The SCS-50 is compact and has a transmitter and receiver in the same cabinet. Delivered standard as 43 khz. The filtration technology in SCS-50 ensures accurate drawing of fish echoes, less noise, better separation and increased range also on mackerel. SCS-50can target 3 different shoals of fish at the same time. The sonar has 30 different marks that can also

be used for manual plotting of courses and speed of fishing shoals. By the integration of KDG-300 (Doppler Current Graph) one can measure the exact course and speed of shoals of fish, regardless of current direction and depth..

The equipment supplied with SCS-50 is well built and very robust. The swing dome is oil-filled and made of stainless steel, in the event of damage to the dome, this can be easily replaced.The bottom equipment is solidly constructed,  with a glider ring that supports the shaft against the sonar trunk in the hull. This prevents, in most cases, a bent shaft if you get a wire or rope around the shaft or transducer.  Replaceable parts ensure lower maintenance costs and shorter repair time. The SCS-50 comes with a compact and user-friendly control panel with integrated roller ball. In addition, the panel has shortcuts for favorite layouts. The SCS-50 also has the ability to connect additional USB devices, such as the Logitech Wireless Roller Ball

If you have an older version of Kaijo Denki; KCS-507, KCS-507, KCS-2500 or KCS-3500 can be upgraded to SCS-50. Contact us for a no-obligation quote on upgrading your sonar.

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